Five Foods That Will Help You Grow A Fuller More Sexy Beard

grow a thicker beard

Everyone knows that eating right has all kinds of health benefits: losing excess weight, maintaining a healthy body weight, promoting heart health, keeping cholesterol in check and avoiding chronic diseases like type II diabetes. Did you know, though, that certain health foods can help you grow a beard faster? Not only that, but such foods can help you grow a thicker beard, shinier and less prone to breakage. They can also help to stave off the hair loss that sometimes comes with age. These five foods are among the best ones when it comes to tending the man-mane:


thicker beard oysters

Oysters: They’re not just aphrodisiacs; oysters may also keep your beard looking full and lush. Those little shells pack a big punch in terms of beard-friendly nutrients. They’re loaded with all kinds of good things. Oysters have protein, a necessary nutrient for hair growth. They also contain significant levels of omega 3 fatty acids, another nutrient that facial hair craves. (It will even lower your levels of bad cholesterol at the same time.) The iron found in oysters helps to keep your blood circulating, bringing a continual flow of oxygen to the surface of your skin and helping to activate your follicles. Finally, oysters are full of zinc. Zinc occurs in trace amounts in many foods, but is only found in abundance in a few foods, including oysters. Zinc deficiency is tied to hair loss, so loading up on oysters will help ensure your beard doesn’t thin out. About six oysters is equal to a serving, and one serving contains almost five times the amount of daily zinc you need to maintain optimal health. Oysters are super foods to help you grow a thicker beard.


thicker beard sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds: These fun little seeds contain an outrageous amount of vitamin E, another nutrient that is excellent for hair growth as well as for maintaining healthy skin. Not very many foods contain significant amounts of vitamin E. Yet one cup of sunflower seeds contains 49.1mg of vitamin E, more than twice the daily recommended value*. In case you’re not a fan of sunflower seeds, you can get the same effect by using a little bit of sunflower oil in your cooking.


thicker beard almonds

Almonds: These nuts contain biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or “vitamin H”) which is known to contribute to healthy hair growth. Biotin stimulates production of keratin, a fibrous protein that forms hair as well as nails. Almonds also contain high levels of vitamin E, almost as much as sunflower seeds.


thicker beard yellow peppers

Yellow peppers: By all means, don’t stop eating oranges, everyone’s favorite “go-to” vitamin C food. However, bell peppers, and the yellow ones in particular, are much higher in vitamin C than oranges, or just about any other food for that matter. Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient for hair growth as well as for strengthening hair. Yellow peppers contain an astounding 341.3mg of vitamin C per large pepper (five times the recommended daily amount needed). Red peppers contain about three times the recommended daily value, and green peppers more than twice the recommended daily value*, so really, any bell pepper will do.


thicker beard fish

Fish: Almost any kind of fish will help promote healthy, fast hair growth. However, a few varieties like salmon and trout are especially good for hair growth due to their high omega-3 fatty acid levels and protein content. Salmon contains desirable amounts of vitamin D, another nutrient beneficial for a healthy beard. If you’re watching your fat intake, trout may be a better choice for you because it contains less fat overall than salmon.

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