Castor Oil For Beard Growth: How it Helps Facial Hair

Look around, and you’ll notice that growing out facial hair is a trend these days. Whether it’s a crazy hipster beard or a well-groomed mustache, beard care has become an important daily regime for many guys. And you may be wondering, can you use castor oil for beard health?

Castor oil can be a natural solution for beard growth, from strengthening your hair follicles to thickening your hair strands. The oil gives your beard a thicker, fuller look. Along with that, it has many benefits to help facial hair stay in top condition.

In this article, we will take a look at the different ways that castor oil can help your beard. Then we will give you some tips for sourcing a high-quality castor oil, so you can avoid the low quality brands. And finally, we have some important tips for using castor oil on your beard.

What is Castor Oil?

castor oil plantCastor oil is derived from a flowering plant, Ricinus communis, that is indigenous to India, Eastern Africa, and the South-Eastern Mediterranean basin. The seeds of the plant are harvested to produce the oil.

After the seeds are collected, they are pressed to produce a pale-yellow oil. Indians and Egyptians deserve recognition for finding the health benefits of this oil.

This skin-friendly oil contains fatty acids. A good example is a ricinoleic acid, an omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid. It’s known for its antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. Also, it fosters blood circulation, which stimulates hair follicles.

Next, it contains linoleic and oleic acids. Both are great fatty acids with moisturizing properties, and can help make your facial skin look shiny and healthy.

Over the past years, castor oil has served women in their quest for vibrant and moist skin, with their main aim is to look beautiful and stylish. They also used it to grow lush eyebrows and hair.

More recently, men became aware that it can have the same benefits for their beards. Since then, it has made a risen to the top of the list as one of the best topical oils for facial hair conditions.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil on Your Beard

1. Promotes (faster) Beard Growth

As mentioned, ricinoleic acid in castor oil boosts blood circulation on all parts it’s applied on. Proper blood circulation means that more nutrients are reaching the hair follicles. This nourishment that your hair is getting is crucial for healthy beard growth.

Many men notice a large impact when using castor oil on their facial hair when using the top beard growth creams.

2. Helps Strengthen Beard Hair

bearded hipsterCastor oil can also help your hair strands grow in thicker and stronger.

Castor oil is polarized. So, when applied to the scalp, it attracts dirt and other contaminants. Not only does this help prevent infections, but it also cleanses the follicles.

By having clean hair follicles, vitamins and nutrients can easily access the hair shaft. This helps to ensure strong and healthy hair growth. For this reason, it is often found in some of the best beard shampoos and washes as a natural cleansing agent.

On top of that, it has inflammatory properties, which are helpful for hair growth. Many men have sensitive skin around their beards. So, when you apply the oil, the hair grows stronger and smoother due to the calming effect.

3. Soft and shiny beard

The presence of fatty acids in oil that behaves like a natural humectant makes everything a breeze. Castor oil is a good moisturizer due to its Omega-9 fatty acid content. It’s a good agent for softening and making it healthy.

Applying the oil on your facial hair regularly and effectively can help improve its appearance. If ladies can use it to look charming, why not you.

Usually, if you don’t notice any changes, then you’re using the low or wrong quality castor oil.

If you are searching for how to make your beard soft, then finding a product with castor oil in it may help you. Some of the products on our best beard conditioner list contain castor oil.

4. Reduces Beard Dandruff and Itch

monkeys itchingAs we mentioned earlier, castor oil has antifungal properties. That makes castor oil an ideal option for removing beard dandruff, which often leads to flaking and itching.

Ricinoleic acid, which comprises 80% of the fatty acid content destroys any bacteria or fungi that may cause itchy and flaky skin.

In the early days, castor oil was commonly used to treat skin infections and wounds. So, the same oil helps combat any dandruff-related symptoms including, irritation, flakes, and inflammation.

In the end, by using castor oil you will help to stop beard itch and flaking associated with beardruff.

5. Thicker and Fuller Beard

All in all, by getting all of the benefits mentioned above, your beard will be thicker and have a fuller appearance.

First off, by having stronger hair you will have less breakage. When hair gets dried out and brittle, it can break. This often leads to thin and patchy beards.

Secondly, itching and infections also cause damage at the skin level that stops hairs from growing full and healthy. By reducing itch and getting rid of fungal infections, the skin can heal and produce vibrant hairs.

In the end, castor oil usually doesn’t stimulate new growth, but by making ideal growing conditions, your beard will be full and thick.

What to Look For When Buying Castor Oil

First off, you shouldn’t just buy any castor oil. It is important to know the quality of the product before making a purchase. That said, it is easy to identify high-quality castor oil. This way, you’ll know whether the product is really worth your money.


To make sure that you are getting the best value for your money, you want to purchase a castor oil that is pure.

Pure castor oil should be 100 percent free from hexane or any other ingredients. Many added ingredients are just fillers and won’t add any value. Also, it shouldn’t contain fragrances, alcohol, or color enhancers.

Watch out for these things since they can cause irritation.

USDA Certified Organic

USDA Organic LogoAn organic product should contain natural ingredients that are grown without any toxic pesticides.

Many chemical fertilizers can be potentially dangerous to your health. One widely used pesticide is glyphosate, and it is potentially carcinogenic.

To ensure top quality and safety, look for the USDA Organic certification seal.

Cold Pressed

Cold-pressed means that the oil is derived from pressing the castor seeds.

This does not mean the seeds are cold or frozen. Simply, it means that no heat is used. This extraction method is the best as it ensures the oil retains its properties. That way, it will contain more potent nutrients.

Also, extracting with heat can also introduce potentially carcinogenic substances within the oil.

Tips for Using Castor Oil on Your Beard

Just figure out the fascinating reasons why you need castor oil on your beard. While many users have long touted the numerous benefits of castor oil, using it isn’t rocket science. Here are the tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Clean your beard and face before applying. 

Well, having clean and damp hair allows easy and even application. Use a beard shampoo to thoroughly wash your facial hair. Cleansing the skin helps you get rid of sebaceous secretions and contaminants. Of course, the oil does better on all hair types (black, blond and black)

Tip #2: Combine castor oil with other oils

For best results, combining various essential oils and other carrier oils can increase the likelihood of seeing great results.

For instance, Argan oil is another great oil for beard health. Mix it with castor oil to nourish your hair further and boost your hair growth.

Tip #3: Helpful recipes will get you going

oil recipe mixingFind some recipes to get started.

Different recipes have been tried and tested to gain maximum benefits. Different oils work really well in combination with other oils.

By creating your own beard oil through using recipes, you will know where each oil came from. Also, you can save money this way.

On the other hand, if storing various types of oils, mixing them together, and cleaning up the mess doesn’t appeal to you, then you can purchase one of the best beard oils that already contain castor oil. This is often simple and efficient.

Tip #4: Patch test before applying

Castor oil has some anecdotal complaints about irritation and rash. Thus, it’s more of a precaution than a tip to test a small patch on your skin before applying on your beard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to notice the effects of castor oil?

Around 3 weeks. After applying castor oil, the results generally become noticeable after 2 to 3 weeks of use. Nonetheless, the body of every person responds differently. So, expect it to vary.

Can I leave castor oil on my face overnight?

Yes, whether you choose to apply it during the day or at night doesn’t matter.

Either way, apply the oil evenly across your beard and massage in circular motions. Many men leave it on overnight to ensure your facial hair absorbs the oil better.

Verdict – Is Castor Oil Worth it?

Castor oil is an absolute steal. It has plenty of amazing benefits to make it worth trying out. It contains minerals, proteins, and Vitamin E, and triglycerides.

Plus, castor oil minimizes wrinkles and lines, leaving you with an attractive and youthful look. Believe it or not, it also eliminates the appearance of blemishes to compliment your beard perfectly.

Whether it’s to maintain your beard health or to increase beard thickness, castor oil is second to none. Many people feel that it is worth every penny.

Give it a try and enjoy the softer and fuller beard you’ve always yearned for.