What Does Beard Oil Do? Facts and Benefits

Many people ask the question, what does beard oil do? If you are new to beard oil, let’s just say that it is the single greatest thing you can do for your beard.

These unique collections of ingredients ensure that your beard looks good and feels good. Because, let’s face it, no one wants a straggly, rough, and uncomfortable beard on their face.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at beard oil. We will cover all the usual ingredients, facts, how to apply beard oil, and all its benefits so you can use this grooming product correctly and see real results.

What is Beard Oil Made From?

Beard oils are typically a mixture of different oils and vitamins. Although every brand makes a unique variation, there are some common ingredients and themes.

Primary Ingredient: Carrier Oils

mint leaves and oil containerFirst, all companies use a carrier oil. Carrier oils are also known as base oils since they are often used to dilute essential oils. This makes it possible to apply them to the skin without damaging it. These oils alone have important vitamins to protect and heal skin, so some companies stop here and do not use other ingredients.

Some of the more popular carrier oils used in beard oils include argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil.

Secondary Ingredient: Essential Oils

Next, many beard oils also contain essential oils. Although these are most commonly known for their scent, they often have healing properties as well. Some essential oils are great antifungals or antibacterials.

Some commonly used oils are rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil. Not only do they have important benefits, but they give your beard a nice fragrance as well.

Final Ingredient: Vitamins

vitamin e capsulesFinally, some brands take it to the next level and add in specific vitamins into their beard oil. Hair and skin are just like anything on your body, they need particular vitamins to function correctly. Adding in hair-healthy vitamins gives beard oil that little extra bonus.

One of the most widely used vitamins is vitamin E oil.

5 Benefits of Using Beard Oil

By regularly using beard oil, you should notice several things will start to gradually improve. Overall, you will have a better looking and more comfortable beard.

1. Helps Stop Beard Itch

If you have ever been a victim of beard itch, you know that it can drive you insane. It bothers some men so much that they actually end up shaving their beards off just to stop beard itch.

Contrary to what many men think, an itchy beard has nothing to do with the facial hair itself. Actually, it’s a sign of underlying skin issues.

Dry skin, ingrown hairs, bacterial infections, and fungal infections are the leading culprits of an itchy beard and facial hair. Luckily, the best beard oils help to fix this issue.

Not only are these beard oils filled with natural ingredients, like jojoba oil that hydrate your skin, but with the right essential oils, they also fight infections. Therefore, the right beard oil blend can address all of the issues that make a beard itch. Also, don’t forget that a good beard wash will help to prevent this problem.

2. Gets Rid of Beard Dandruff

flakesSimilarly, beard dandruff is another skin issue that is usually fixed with the right beard oil.

Beard dandruff, also known as beardruff, is a condition where your beard creates flakes. These unsightly flakes often end up on your shirt and create a mess.

Just like before, this is often caused by a fungal infection. Many of the essential oils that are in beard oils have natural antifungal properties. Similarly, many people use coconut oil for beard care because it is also an antifungal.

If you are looking for a beard oil that will fight beardruff and ensure it’s free of flakes, make sure it contains essential oils or coconut oil.

3. Beard Oil Helps to Soften Beard

No one likes a rough beard. First of all, it is a sign that your facial hair is damaged and unhealthy. Secondly, it scratches and irritates people you get close to, like your girlfriend.

By fixing the problem at the roots, literally, rough beards can be a thing of the past. The nutrients in beard oil help nourish and protect the hair follicles, helping them be healthy and vibrant. This way, they produce softer hair.

Also, by acting like a leave-in beard conditioner, it also helps to hydrate and deliver moisture to the individual hairs so they are less dry and brittle. All in all, using beard oil will help make your beard softer. If you want your beard to be even softer, it can be used with a beard balm.

4. Improves Beard Growth and Thickness

man with thick beardIf you have a thin and patchy beard, pay attention.

There are a few reasons for thin and patchy beards, one reason is genetics. Unfortunately, there is not much to do to overcome that. But the other reason has to do with beard and skin health.

First off, by picking at and itching your beard, you are inevitably pulling out hairs and disrupting normal hair growth. Secondly, different fungal infections can affect the skin and stop the hair from growing in that particular area.

Fortunately, as we mentioned previously, beard oils contain vitamins and compounds to help return your skin to optimal health. This will make your beard healthier and foster a prime hair growth environment.

Also, certain beard growth oils are specifically oriented at helping to stimulate new hair growth. They often contain things like castor oil and other ingredients that can help you develop a thicker and fuller beard.

5. Beard Oil Makes Your Beard Look Better

Unlike styling products like beard balm or beard wax, beard oil will not give your beard much hold. Still, it will help to keep straggly and unruly hairs in place.

Aside from that, beard oil also helps to give your facial hair that natural shine. So, when people look at you, they will see a neat beard with a healthy glow.

How To Apply Beard Oil

  1. After cleaning your beard, preferably with a beard wash, pat or air dry your beard until it’s completely dry or a little damp.
  2. Apply a few drops of beard oil into your hands and rub them to distribute it evenly. Make sure to get the beard oil onto your fingertips.
  3. Massage the beard oil deep into your beard. The goal is to get as much beard oil as possible onto your skin. Don’t forget about the skin beneath your beard.
  4. Next, work the oil outwards into the individual hairs and onto the tips.
  5. Finally, use a beard comb or boar bristle brush to evenly distribute the beard oil throughout your beard.
  6. If you wish to get more hold for style and shaping, wait a few minutes for the beard oil to start to work, then apply beard balm or beard wax.


Since there are many benefits of beard oil, it should one of the main products in every man’s grooming kit. For best results, start applying it once your beard gets to 1/2 inch long in length.

Unlike beard balm, beard oil doesn’t give your beard and facial hair much hold.

Although, by nourishing and protecting the skin underneath your beard, a beard oil creates an optimal growing environment so that you will have a healthy beard that is soft and comfortable. Also, if you have any of the issues mentioned above, adding a quality beard oil to your grooming routine will help correct those problems in time.